Teaching & Workshops

Courses designed and taught to undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Oxford:

International Relations, Conflict, Crime and Security Studies:

  • Transnational Organised Crime and Global Security
  • New Security Threats in Urban Spaces
  • Transnational Organised Crime
  • Global Institutional Design
  • International Relations

Regional Focus Latin America:

  • Conflict in Latin America
  • Citizen Security, Crime and Democracy in Latin America
  • Drug Trafficking in the Americas
  • The Relations between South American Military Regimes and the United States

Workshops, trainings and executive courses designed and facilitated: 

Participants: senior military personnel

Participants: academics, diplomats, policymakers, senior military personnel

Participants: diplomats, policymakers, academics, students

  • Transnational Organised Crime in Fragile Contexts, co-facilitator (German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, University of Heidelberg, Germany), October 2014

Participants: students

  • Peacebuilding Leadership in Local Communities (Anglican Alliance, Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding Programme, Coventry, UK), July 2012

Participants: civil society leaders from developing countries

Fieldwork methodology seminars and courses designed and delivered (selected list):

  • “Ethnographic methods and approaches”, Area Studies for Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford, 2017
  • “Doing Field Research: Personal, Methodological and Ethical Challenges”, University of Oxford, St Antony’s College, 2016
  • “Fieldwork in Conflict Zones”, University of Oxford, Nuffield College, 2016
  • “Fieldwork in Hot Places: Personal and Methodological Challenges for Female Researchers”, University of Leeds, School of Politics & International Studies, 2014
  • “Surviving Fieldwork: Personal Challenges in the Field”. University of Oxford, Oxford Department of International Development, 2013
  • “Methodological Challenges of Fieldwork in Hot Places”, FLACSO, Quito, Ecuador, 2012


I am happy to supervise students whose research interests overlap with mine. My ongoing and past supervision includes: